Woodland Nature Trail

Stop G


Point-G2 Here the path becomes enclosed by tall conifers. Ground flora is reduced because of the shade but it can be quite quiet, despite the adjacent M6 motorway! On the motorway side of the path used to be a stand of Hybrid Larch - Larix x eurolepis while on the other side is a stand of Norway Spruce Picea abies - the Christmas tree!

The Larch were removed in 2015 in an attempt to control Phytophthora. This is a good area to look and listen for Goldcrests and Coal Tits, both of which like conifers but the clearance opens up the habitat for other species; possibly Tree Pipit and Grasshopper Warbler. It will be replanted with native trees but it is hoped to maintain the "open" feel which should benefit butterflies and native flowers.

woodland trail map