Welcome to the Keele Branch website

UNISON represents staff in the University, including Commercial and Facilities Management (CFM) staff, grounds staff, maintenance, administrative, clerical and security. We negotiate for better pay and conditions, help individuals in trouble and campaign for a safer, fairer society.

UNISON represents 1.3 million people across the UK's public services.

Contact Us

If you have a work problem or query, get in touch with your UNISON workplace representative. Alternatively, you can ring UNISON direct on 0800 0 857 857.

Keele University Branch of UNISON is run by a branch committee and supported by skilled staff, locally, regionally and nationally.

Branch Secretary Admin:  Graham Wheildon
email: g.h.wheildon@keele.ac.uk
telephone: 01782 734182

Branch Chair:  Jayne Braddick
email: j.a.braddick@keele.ac.uk
telephone: 01782 733010

Membership Secretary:  Julie Willis
email: j.willis@keele.ac.uk
telephone: 01782 734552

Treasurer: David Myatt
email: d.j.myatt@keele.ac.uk
telephone: 01782 734158

Health and Safety Officer:  David Warren
email: d.warren@keele.ac.uk

Welfare Officer:  Kathleen Jones
email: k.a.jones@keele.ac.uk
telephone: 01782 734540

Communications Officer:  Alison Berrisford
email: a.berrisford@keele.ac.uk
telephone: 01782 734687

Disability Officer:  Alan Deeming
email: a.j.deeming@keele.ac.uk       
telephone: 01782 733368

Auditor: Anne Cornwell
email: m.a.cornwell@keele.ac.uk
telephone: 01782 733902

Auditor: Felicity Dunn
email: f.h.dunn@keele.ac.uk
telephone: 01782 734668


Workplace Stewards:

John Knott, Estates
email: alison.knott@yahoo.com

Auditor: Nigel Lovatt
email: n.p.lovatt@keele.ac.uk
telephone: 01782 734612

John Whitehouse, Academic Buildings
email: j.whitehouse@keele.ac.uk

John Boulton, Lindsey Court
email: j.w.boulton@keele.ac.uk


All members of Keele University Branch can attend branch meetings, vote and stand in branch elections and get involved in our campaigns and activities.

UNISON offers a comprehensive training programme for all new representatives and has a facility agreement with Keele management to allow paid time off for UNISON reps to attend training courses.