What our students say

Here's what some of our previous students had to say about our Pre-Sessional Academic English course:

"I am very satisfied with the Pre-Sessional course. It taught me a lot of useful English. Also I have learned many useful skills for my further study, such as research skills, presentation skills, reading skills and note-taking skills."

"The course and the activities are perfect, I like it and I love all the tutors here."

"All the staff are friendly and helpful. Regarding my tutor she helped me a lot. She encouraged us to achieve higher marks. She was really helpful."

"It was a great and useful experience. 

"Keele University has a fantastic environment for learning. I find the lecturers friendly and approachable."

"I am really satisfied with the Pre-sessional experience at Keele and I would recommend it to other students."

"This course gave me a lot of opportunities to practise English and helped me to get higher marks on my essays."