The Language Centre Podcast Series

Developed as a Teaching Innovation Project (Tips Project) led by Ella Tennant. 

An authentic listening experience with interesting people who have links to the local area or to Keele. 

Watch this space for the podcasts in English, with a focus on intercultural communication, as well as in other languages taught in the Language Centre. 

Artist Indira Verdi reflects on art as a means of expression of conscious awareness and as a voice for marginalised women. 

Podcast 1 - Alice and Emily

PhD students Alice Fani and Emily Brannen discuss how they have adapted to academic culture, and the changes they made to achieve a sense of belonging in the Keele community of learning. 

Podcast 2 - Mr. Liu Cheng

Mr. Liu Cheng, a former Keele Masters student, talks, in Mandarin, about important events in Chinese history. 

Podcast 3 - Mr Will

Stoke-based guitarist, Mr Will, discusses the role of creativity and the importance of curiosity as a bridge to cultural understanding. 

Podcast 4 - Valerie Rigaud

Visiting student, Valerie Rigaud, talks in French with Patricia Payne about her personal experience of the education system in France and the UK. 

Audio Production:  Dave Hamer, AVS Keele. 

Music: Jack Marshall  (Year 1 student, BSc Combined Honours Computer Science and Music Production).