Academic Skills for International Students

Keele’s Language Centre provides individual and group language and academic skills guidance for international students at all levels—whether undergraduate, postgraduate, foundation year or PhD researchers, from beginners to near-native speakers. Our credit-bearing modules are designed to help students develop the skills essential for success with their studies and research, and bookable 1:1 tutorials ensure as-needed, personalised English language support year-round. 

International students may also be interested in the British Cultural Studies module.

15-credit electives modules at a range of levels focus on the specific language and academic skills required for undergraduate study. 

For international postgraduates, the Language Centre provides a range of modules at various levels, each specifically designed to meet the needs of postgraduate students and researchers. Modules focus on developing the language and academic skills international postgraduate students and researchers will rely upon for success on their degree programmes, including writing and research skills, avoiding plagiarism, handling large quantities of reading, spoken expression and understanding British academic conventions.

In your first week at Keele you will take a 'diagnostic language assessment.'  The results of this assessment will help us make any recommendations for an Academic English module to best suit your level of English and to offer you support for your main subjects.

As an international student you will have a reserved place on an Academic English module.  After we see a sample of your academic writing you will be enrolled on the appropriate module.

There is no additional cost. All our Academic English classes for international students and 1:1 support sessions are covered by your tuition fees.

Academic English classes are typically 2 or 3 hours per week and run either for one semester  (10 or 11 weeks) or over two semesters (20 weeks)

To ensure the best possible learning outcomes, classes are usually between 10 and 15 students only. The maximum class size is 20 students.

Yes, you can sign up for free '1:1 Tutorials' throughout your time at Keele

The minimum enrolment age is 18.

Please contact for any further queries.