Academic English for Business

Our suite of academic English for business modules are designed to help students with their studies in the Keele Management School and prepare them for working in the business sector.

Academic English for Business 1 (AEB1)

This module covers the skills you will need to achieve success in your management school modules.


Academic English for Business 2 (AEB2)

AEB2 is designed to build on the skills covered in your previous English modules, and introduce some of the key attributes you will require in your future careers in business.


Advanced Business English Communication (ABEC)

This module introduces some of the writing and presentation skills you will meet in your future careers in business.


Semester 1
Semester 2

Academic English for Business 1 (AEB1)

Academic English for Business 2 (AEB2)

Advanced Business English Communication (ABEC)


What our students say

Here's what some of our previous students had to say about our Academic English for Business modules:

"I always found the tutors comments helpful. They made it easy for me to find the specific areas I needed to improve."

"Very useful and practical. I can apply the knowledge such as the writing skills in doing essays for other modules and even after I graduate, I know how to write a proper business letter."

"Good resources on the KLE that let me prepare well for every lesson."

"My tutor is very helpful and approachable."

"Provides useful skills, like how to make a presentation."

"This module has helped me improve in writing my essay academically, to know where and when to put all the necessary information, and in the right order."

"Good organizationÍž the class is well structured."