English for Academic Purposes

EAP for success with your degree

English for Academic Purposes 2 (EAP2)

Through a series of class-based workshops, tutorials and assignments, this module will help you to develop specific reading, writing and verbal communication skills.

English for Academic Purposes 3 (EAP3)

EAP 3 will help you to further enhance key written and spoken communication skills necessary for your studies. Workshops and tutorials will provide the opportunity for feedback and discussion with the tutor about your work.

English for Academic Purposes 4 (EAP4)

This one-semester module is designed to help you to enhance your English language skills and learn more about UK academic conventions and expectations. The seminar style sessions will focus on practical application, group work and feedback.

Semester 1 and 2

What our students say

Here's what some of our previous students had to say about our English for Academic Purposes module:

"It noticeably improved my English and helped me learn the different types of essay writing required here."

"My teacher helped to maintain a good, enjoyable learning environment."

"It helped me to improve my reference skill for essays."

"I learned plenty of new academic words related to my subject."

"The teacher was very good, ready to help and always happy and positive."

"Very helpful because the module gave proper direction in many ways especially in writing."

"Helped me overcome my shyness and gave me a chance to present in front of people."

"The structuring of the essays, paragraphing and argumentative styles were particularly useful and important especially for my course."