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Student Services are your one stop shop for information, support and guidance, and they’re here for every single Keele student, whatever you need, throughout the whole year. The Student Services Centre is your best first stop if you need any information about what support and activities are available to you - just get in touch with them, or go and visit them in the Tawney Building.

University can be an exciting and happy time, it can also bring with it stress and challenge. Most people seek Counselling because they want the support change either the way they are thinking, feeling or behaving.  Counselling is a talking therapy and can help you explore what's happening in your current life and also what's happened to you in the past.  People can be recommended counselling sessions by their doctor, a friend or a member of University staff.  Alternatively you may have decided to talk to a counsellor yourself.

Mental Health Support is a confidential, specialist service offered to students who are currently experiencing mental health problems, or psychological or emotional issues, or have experienced them in the past.  

The Mental Health and Counselling Team have experience, knowledge and skills in supporting people to manage their symptoms and behaviours.

Located on the ground floor of KeeleSU, ASK delivers independent advice on a whole range of issues, including academic, health, family, wellbeing, accommodation, finance, legal, international and employment.

Keele University is committed to making a difference in society by providing innovative, high quality education for students from all backgrounds and by supporting our staff to undertake world-leading research that benefits society, communities and individuals. The Keele Communities Together (KCT) Working Group, chaired by the Pro Vice-Chancellor for Students, oversees the Keele Communities Events Calendar which provides information on key religious and other festivals, events and celebrations at Keele, reflecting our diverse and inclusive community. Events funded by KCT happen throughout the year, and you can find out about upcoming events in our Keele What's On app

If you have got an idea for an event or activity that:

  • Promotes the community and celebrates inclusivity
  • Aims to raise awareness for social issues
  • Raises awareness for specific groups or cultures (women, men, internationals, religious groups, BAME, LGBT+ …)

Then the KCT fund may be able to support you to get your event off the ground! For information on how to receive funding for your activity, please email

Previously supported events include: Eid, One Blessed Night, WW1 Centenary, Sexual Violence Awareness, Tuesday night alcohol-free socials, Black History Month, Green Festival, University Mental Health Day, Langar, Chinese New Year.



We have chaplains and faith advisers from some of the major religions who can offer any student or member of staff support and guidance. Whether you’re staff or student, and whether or not you’re a person of faith, the Chaplaincy aims to be a welcoming, diverse community, where YOU are valued.

A free 24 hour helpline, app and web portal available for free to all Keele students. Find out more here. 

Blackbullion: Blackbullion is a learning platform created to help you get to grips with all things money-related. It’s filled with videos, graphics, and quizzes covering financial subjects designed to empower you to make more informed financial decisions.

DrinkAware: Drinkaware is an independent charity working to reduce alcohol misuse and harm in the UK. We're here to help people make better choices about drinking. 

To look after your mental health, try some of these self-help resources.