Welcome to Counselling and Mental Health Support

University can be an exciting and happy time, it can also bring with it stress and challenge.  There may be a range of issues that affect your life and studies whilst at Keele or back at home.  Most people seek Counselling because they want the support change either the way they are thinking, feeling or behaving.  Counselling is a talking therapy and can help you explore what's happening in your current life and also what's happened to you in the past.  People can be recommended counselling sessions by their doctor, a friend or a member of University staff.  Alternatively you may have decided to talk to a counsellor yourself.  

Mental Health Support is a confidential, specialist service offered to students who are currently experiencing mental health problems, or psychological or emotional issues, or have experienced them in the past.  Our team have experience, knowledge and skills in supporting people to manage their symptoms and behaviours.

How to Contact Us

In Person: we're based at The Newsome Building, 41-42 The Covert (near to the Sports Centre)

By Phone: (01782) 734187 or 34187 (internal)

Email: counselling@keele.ac.uk

The service is open Monday to Friday (9.00 to 17.00) throughout the year with the exception of Bank Holidays and the Christmas period.

The service also operates during the Easter and summer breaks, although this might be at a reduced staffing level.

In addition  we have some limited early evening sessions available during term time, on a Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, for those whose studies mean they may not be able to access us during normal office hours.