Keele Physics Centre

Lecture series 2019-2020

These talks are open to the public and are sponsored by the West Midlands Branch of the IoP.‌

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17 January 

Professor Andy Newsam ( Liverpool John Moores University)

Universal Appeal

21 February 

Dr Fabien Paillusson (University of Lincoln)

Does Mr Entropy need Phoenix Wright?

7 March

Beth Warnock (National Grid)

Future operations of the electricity network

10 October 

Dr Barry Cook (Anaporia)

Spacecraft: A Brief Look at Technology in Satellites 

7 November   

Prof. Isobel Hook (Lancaster University)

Distant supernovae to measure the effects of Dark Energy

5 December

Prof. Laussy (Wolverhampton University)

The most important (simplest yet most unfathomable) experiment in Physics: the double slit experiment

Lennard-Jones LJ 1.75





23 January 

 Dr Mark Read (University of Birmingham)

Nuclear Fuel & Waste Encapsulation

20 February 

David Wilkinson (Nottingham Trent University)

To c or not to c – physics in science fiction writing

12 March 

Dr Alison Laird (University of York)

Making a Star in a Lab  

30 April

 Dr. Kostas Nikolopoulos (University of Birmingham)

In search for the origin of mass

Tea and coffee available in Lennard Jones Foyer from 6.00pm.

Talks start at 7.00pm and are followed by Q&A.

There is ample car parking space on campus, which is free during the evening. We recommend that you use car park C12 (which is opposite the Lennard Jones Laboratories) or the Students’ Union car park if C12 is full.

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