About the School of Chemical and Physical Sciences

The School of Chemical and Physical Sciences has its base in the Lennard-Jones Building, which is at the heart of one of the most attractive campus universities in Britain. The School is responsible for running eight individual degree programmes in the areas of Chemistry and Medicinal Chemistry, Forensic Science, and Physics and Astrophysics.

We offer an exciting range of undergraduate degree programmes in Chemistry, Forensic Science and Physics as well as postgraduate taught opportunities in Analytical Science for Industry.

Our students are given hands-on laboratory experience using modern research-standard instrumentation from the outset of all degree programmes.

In addition, the School is renowned for its innovative teaching methods. We place tremendous importance on the support that we provide our students with, both in teaching and pastoral matters. This is all reflected in NSS results for all degree programmes, which have been consistently good and sector leading over many years.

The excellent academic and transferable skills embedded in these programmes, allied to the careers support provided, also ensures that our graduates successfully transition to employment or further study in academia. In addition to our teaching, we perform world-leading research in all areas within the school with particular strengths in astrophysics, materials chemistry, synthetic and analytical chemistry.


Chemistry at Keele has a national reputation for innovative and high-quality teaching and learning. You will gain hands-on experience with modern state-of the art equipment and instrumentation and you will find the academic staff to be approachable and enthusiastic with a genuine interest in the welfare of students and a dedication to the highest quality of teaching at all levels. Our students rate us highly – over the past 10 years Keele Chemistry has consistently been one of the top 8 departments in the UK for student satisfaction in the National Student Survey, coming 5th for overall satisfaction in 2018 and the University achieved TEF GOLD in the recent Teaching Excellence Framework.

Forensic Science

Forensic science is often defined as the application of science to the work of the courts of law. In many people’s minds, this leads to a focus on crime scene investigation which, though a very important part of the forensic process, does not fully provide a true picture of what the forensic scientist actually does and what knowledge and skills you need to be a professional forensic scientist.

The forensic discipline embraces a wide range of scientific topics, many of which are based on analytical science – the science of measurement, characterising materials, usually at the molecular level, and determining what is in a sample and how much of various components are there.

Such scientific investigations are applied to physical evidence - that is materials found at crime scenes or associated with potentially illegal activities; examples include explosives’ residues, drugs, inks, glass fragments, fire accelerants, paints, fibres and hairs. In practice this means using microscopy, chromatography, spectroscopy and related specialist techniques which are also fundamental to some laboratory work in chemistry, biology and geology, to examine forensic materials.

Physics and Astrophysics

The physics and astrophysics section of the School has a very strong commitment to delivering high-quality educational Physics and Astrophysics programmes.

We operate an "open door" policy for our students and are active in various outreach activities to the local community. You will find that all the staff are readily approachable and eager to help you in your studies. Our excellent staff-student ratio ensures plenty of interaction and rapid, personalised feedback on your work.

School address

Lennard-Jones School of Chemical and Physical Sciences
Lennard-Jones Building
Keele University
Phone (School Office): +44 (0)1782 733033, +44 (0)1782 733313
Email: chemistry@keele.ac.uk, forensics@keele.ac.uk, physics@keele.ac.uk

Programme directors

Chemistry and Medicinal Chemistry
Dr Matthew O'Brien
Tel : +44 (0)1782 734371
Email : m.obrien@keele.ac.uk

Forensic Science
Dr Jamie K. Pringle
Tel : +44 (0)1782 733163
Email : j.k.pringle@keele.ac.uk

Physics and Astrophysics
Dr Arumugam Mahendrasingam
Tel : +44 (0)1782 733312
Email : a.mahendrasingam@keele.ac.uk


Admission tutors

Chemistry and Medicinal Chemistry
Dr Natalie Capel
Tel : +44 (0)1782 733584
Email : n.j.capel@keele.ac.uk

Forensic Science
Victoria Cartwright
Tel : +44 (0)1782 733584
Email : v.cartwright@keele.ac.uk

Physics and Astrophysics
Dr Patrick Connell
Tel : +44 (0)1782 733892
Email : physics@keele.ac.uk or p.j.connell@keele.ac.uk