Keele Excellence Awards

The Keele Excellence Awards are an opportunity for you to apply and/or be nominated in recognition for your teaching and for outstanding support of student learning. Keele University in collaboration with Keele SU and KPA are awarding awards to individuals or teams for excellent teaching or support of student learning. The awards are a certificate presented at Graduation and a sum of £1,000. Teaching does not mean only face-to-face presentation but could mean, for example, supervision, online activity, tutorial discussions, feedback on assessed work, or designing an exciting course.


Nominations have now closed.


To view a list of those who were nominated 2016/17, please click here. 

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Applications have now closed.

Successful Applicants

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The first stage of the awards begins with nominations invited from any Keele member of staff and any Keele student. Once the deadline for nominations has been reached we send out letters to all nominated with the anonymous comments received and an invitation for applications. The function of the nominations is to encourage applications, the nominations themselves are not a criterion by which applications are judged. 

The second stage invites applications from all, you do not need to have been nominated to apply. There are three categories for which you can apply, details of these can be found below on the 'Apply' section. Once the deadline for applications has been reached, all applications received will be assessed by a panel drawn from the membership of the University Learning and Teaching Committee including both staff and student representation. Applications will be assessed against the criteria as set out under the 'Apply' section. Applicants are then informed of the decision of the panel. 

For further information on how to nominate or apply, please see the icons above.