Bloomberg Finance Lab

Bloomberg Professional Software

At Keele Business School (KBS) we have a large suite of computer terminals directly connected to the Bloomberg Professional Service, which is one of the world’s most powerful and widely used platforms of information in the finance industry. KBS students currently have free access to Bloomberg, which is also integrated into the teaching of various modules in the areas of economics, finance, accounting and elsewhere. Students can also use the terminals in their own time to obtain data and information to use in their essays and projects.

Bloomberg gives the user privileged access to economic, financial and business real-time data, world news, and analyses and reports from the world’s biggest financial organisations. It has become a standard tool for traders, market makers, financial institutions, and researchers. Practical knowledge of how to use this platform represents a valuable asset, if you are interested in a career in the financial industry or academia. Recognising this, KBS gives students a head start in getting acquainted with this valuable tool.

Suleman Mughal, on Economics and Bloomberg Terminal at Keele Business School

Bloomberg Market Concepts

On our undergraduate and postgraduate programmes students also have access to Bloomberg Market Concepts (BMC), free of charge on the Bloomberg terminals. BMC is an 8-hour e-learning, self-paced course which covers four topics:

  • Economic Indicators 
  • Currencies 
  • Fixed Income 
  • Equities

After successfully completing BMC, students receive a certificate, thus demonstrating their competence in basic economics and finance and further enhancing their resume/CV.