Research in Keele Business School

At Keele Business School we embrace the University's founding ethos “the pursuit of truth in the company of friends” to create and disseminate knowledge from a business research portfolio with depth, impact and sustainability, harnessing a collegial vitality that enhances the learning environment through close engagement with industry regionally, nationally and internationally.

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Research at KBS underpins and informs our teaching, helping us to influence and shape business, industry and society – locally and globally. As well as being committed to our role as an anchor institution, our world leading research is acknowledged for its academic rigour, working with sector partners to set agendas and thought leadership, transform understanding, and bring benefit to society, communities and individuals. Our research informs policy, and working alongside our partners we push at the limits of knowledge and understanding to pursue an innovative and entrepreneurial approach to thinking and business solutions.

Our expertise

Director of Research – Professor Paul Dewick
PGR Director – Dr Alena Audzeyeva

We nurture a culture of engagement, inclusion and cohesion that allows a progressive view of the world to flourish and research careers to thrive. We draw on Keele University’s tradition of interdisciplinary research rooted in the social sciences and humanities, addressing broad societal interests related to work, organisations and markets within a strong tradition of creative methodologies.

We are structured into two core cross-disciplinary groups to support and drive interdisciplinary collaboration:

  • Economics, Accounting and Finance (EAF) and
  • Marketing, Management and Organisations (MMO).

Our groups feature research clusters that are linked with specialist research institutes and research centres, including CASIC (Community Animation and Social Innovation Centre).

Research Clusters at Keele Business School

Gabriella Legrenzi, Senior Lecturer in Economics, writes for The Conversation

Dr. Lindsay Hamilton, Senior Lecturer in Organisational Ethnography, writes for The Conversation

CASIC - Keele University

One of our research centres, CASIC - Community Animation and Social Innovation Centre.