NHS Journals Help

General hints and tips using NHS eJournals

1. Check that we have a subscription for the journal title you are looking for.

NHS Users can access a range of electronic journals online. These are supplied via a number of routes:

** NHS Core Content - purchased nationally
** Regional Content - purchased by the Health Library in association with regional NHS organisations
** Local Content - purchased by the Health Library for our specific NHS organisations

You can view the list of available ejournals via the NHS Journals A-Z list which is accessible via an OpenAthens login.

2. For help accessing the NHS Journals A-Z List see our etutorial Find an NHS eJournal or our blog entry Finding NHS eJournals and accessing full-text - step-by-step.

3. The NHS Journals A-Z list will show you the titles available, the holdings you can access, the location of the journal, how to get access and a link to the journal title page.

4. We may provide access to a journal title via a route other than the publisher's website, e.g. via a database.

5. Whilst we endeavour to ensure all journals are accessible via OpenAthens username and password some publishers do not provide this facility. Access routes include:

** OpenAthens username / password - some providers require you to login in individually to their system even though you may have already logged in to OpenAthens. Look for an link for 'Athens Login' or 'OpenAthens Login' or 'Institution Login' - this will be different for each provider but it is usually a small blue link near where the provider login link is located. The link you need is not always obvious and you many need to click their log in option to get to the OpenAthens link.
** Journal username / password - additional username / password details may be required. This information is available on the title entry on the NHS Journals list.
** Network access via IP address - access to full-text may be restricted to individual networks (the Health Library network and/or the UHNM network).

6. Announcements about known issues regarding ejournal access will be made via the Health Library News blog. You can sign-up for email updates.

7. More information about resources and how to use / access them will be available in the Information Skills for Health blog. You can sign-up for email updates.

8. You can get more help on using the NHS Journals A-Z list via our Online Guides and Support page.


If you experience any problems accessing the NHS electronic online resources please report it to the eResources Librarian.