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Off-campus access

Off-campus access to most Keele e-resources is now via your Keele log-in.

Core Databases

The following are freely available (no log-in required off-campus)

Cochrane Library 
  • An evidence-based review source: find systematic reviews, clinical trials and more within the 7 libraries in the resource. 
  • Free full-text of Cochrane reviews only. 
  • Select 'Advanced Search' from the homepage.


The following require a Keele IT account username & password off-campus


This service is run by the British Library and contains citations from over 500 journals (mainly European ones).  It is an important source of information for clinicians, physicians, therapists and other health professionals looking to learn more about alternative treatments.  

BMJ Clinical Evidence

Search for the best available evidence on common clinical interventions


Contains millions of references for articles in many current biomedical journals.


Find references for journal articles, book chapters and dissertations in the field of psychology,  psychiatry, behavioural science & mental health.

Web of Science:

Off-campus? - click here:

References from thousands of key scholarly journals; also find references for Conference Proceedings. Prior to mid-January 2014 the Web of Science service, which comprises a number of databases,  was known as "Web of Knowledge" and now looks quite different.   The Web of Science database is now known as the "Web of Science Core Collection".

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The following requires an Open Athens account username & password. Once you have logged in to MyAthens, click on the link for NICE Evidence Journals and Databases.

Healthcare Databases Advanced Search (HDAS)

Journal articles, research and reviews from the major healthcare related databases AMED, BNI, Cinahl, Embase, Health Business Elite, HMIC, Medline and Psychinfo. For queries about Athens account eligibility, contact your liaison librarian, Steve Parton

Try our Using HDAS e-tutorial for a demonstration of how to use these NHS databases.

Additional Databases

You may also find the following databases useful.  They contain references for different topic areas within your field. A number of these databases contain full-text articles. 

Keele IT account username & password required off-campus.


Aclands Anatomy

Features nearly 330 videos of real human anatomic specimens in their natural colour


Academic Search Complete

Contains the full text of 8500 journals covering almost every area of academic study

Best Evidence Medical Education

Reviews and supporting information from BEME (the website is freely available).

British Education Index (BEI) (EBSCO).  

References relating to research, policy and practice in education and training in the UK (1975 onwards). Off-campus?  Click here

EBSCO Education

Search across a range of key education databases including British Education Index, ERIC and Educational Abstracts all at once. View the Quick Guide to Using EBSCO.

Education Research Information Research Center (ERIC) (EBSCO).  This database is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Education to provide extensive access to education-related literature. 

LWW Health Library

Includes educational video/audio clips, medical cases, clinical skills tutorials as well as access to a range of medical e-books. Links to the individual e-book titles are also in the Library's catalogue Plus e.g. Moore's Clinical Anatomy.



Medicines Complete (Royal Pharmaceutical Press) Off-campus?  Click here:

A key reference resource for pharmacology.  It includes full access to the current edition of the two BNFs, the Merck Index, Stockley's Drug Interactions, Remington (the Science & Practice of Pharmacy) and other material.


Social Sciences

AgeLine (EBSCO):

Find references on ageing from the field of health sciences, psychology and social-science related disciplines. It is also the premier resource for social gerontology. You can find references for journal articles, book chapters and reports. In the main, coverage extends back to the late 1970s. 

ASSIA (Applied Social Science Index & Abstracts - Proquest) Off-campus?  Click here

General health information; particularly suitable for health psychology / health sociology topics.


Sports Medicine


Find references for material on sports medicine.  Contains full-text for over 550 journals indexed on the database.  





Learning & Teaching Tools


BMJ Case Reports (Keele username & password required off-campus):

A rapidly growing, focused, peer-reviewed collection of cases in all disciplines.  If you wish to submit a case as a student or member of staff at Keele University please contact Steve Parton (Liaison Librarian for Health).


BMJ Case Reports User guide (BMJ Publishing) - PDF


Please note: Remember to consult with the supervising clinician before you submit any case report. They will be able to advise on content and on ensuring that the submission respects patient confidentiality.


LWW Health Library (Medicine)

Includes a range of learning and teaching materials for Medicine such as videos, quizzes and real world case studies. Also includes a collection of e-books- individual titles are also accessible via Library Search


Specialist Health Collections (all require Keele username and password off-campus)

Ovid e-books online - Oxford Handbooks

A number of these popular subjects for health students is available online.  


Check Library Search for the Oxford Textbook of Medicine online


Key journal links: Finding Keele's Journals

A-Z list of Keele e-journals:
Library Search

Use to Find printed journals.


Extra Info / Tips:

To find relevant articles on a topic, you should search relevant databases -see other relevant sections on this page. 

Use available full-text links OR @Keele button to search for full-text.

Useful Links (Websites)

Selection of further resources freely available on the web (freely available):

Information for Researchers (Health Library)

A selection of useful resources for Keele and NHS based researchers produced by staff at the Health Library.

NHS Evidence:

Guidelines, reports and reviews published by accredited sources. This acts as a very good search engine, identifying material from a number of verified resources.


Clinical Search Tool providing access to high quality clinical evidence.


Guides & Tutorials

Finding information - "how to"


Using RefWorks:



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