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30 minute sessions to get a quick introduction or refresher on finding the essential resources.



Using Library Search to Find Books

No dates available this quarter

Finding Journal Articles

Friday 3 April 2020 15:30-16:00


Monday 1 June 2020 15:30-16:00

Searching CINAHL

Monday 6 April 2020 15:30-16:00

Introduction to RefWorks

Tuesday 7 April 2020 15:30-16:00

All courses are held within the Health Library (library IT training room GF45b) in the Clinical Education Centre. Sessions are open to all staff and students at Keele University. Find out how to get here.

Literature Searching

Learn how to develop a search strategy, use Ebsco databases to search for literature and import search results into RefWorks


Tuesday 21 April 2020


Thursday 30 April 2020


Wednesday 20 May 2020


Wednesday 3 June 2020


Wednesday 17 June 2020


Monday 29 June 2020


Evidence-Based Databases

Learn about a range of evidence-based resources such as the Cochrane Library and the Joanna Briggs Institute database

No dates available this quarter

Critical Appraisal for Absolute Beginners: Qualitative Research

An introduction to critical appraisal, providing you with the basic skills for assessing the quality of the article you are reading


Wednesday 8 April 2020


Wednesday 15 April 2020


Tuesday 5 May 2020


Monday 11 May 2020


Tuesday 16 June 2020


Friday 26 June 2020


Critical Appraisal for Absolute Beginners: Randomised Controlled Trials

An introduction to critical appraisal to help you to develop the skills to assess the quality of an article; focusing on a randomised controlled trial (RCT)


Thursday 2 April 2020


Thursday 16 April 2020


Monday 4 May 2020


Friday 19 June 2020



Learn how to make the most of the RefWorks software to help you to manage your reference lists and bibliographies. Use this RefWorks worksheet  during the training course


Wednesday 29 April 2020


Wednesday 6 May 2020


Thursday 14 May 2020


Wednesday 27 May 2020


Tuesday 2 June 2020


Wednesday 10 June 2020


Keele University students, who are part of the Health Faculty, can arrange a 1-to-1 training session, with a member of the library training team, in order to prepare for their dissertation or to help them develop their skills using Library resources.

Slots for 1-to-1 training will be made available at the discretion of the library training team. Please check the calendar to arrange a 1-to-1. (Please check your device is set to a UK time-zone to ensure that you are booking a correct time)

In order to prepare for your 1-to-1 session please complete the following:

  • Check Your Skills - assess your current skill level by taking the etutorial. Bring your action plan with you so that the trainer can assess which elements to focus on
  • Prepare your dissertion question (if relevant) - our etutorial Identify Your Question will help you; you can find more help on Using PICO; or check the worksheets that are available in the literature searching section
  • Introduction to Literature Searching - complete this etutorial so that you appreciate the basics of what will be covered in more detail in the training session, including identifying your own search terms. Bring your completed plan with you.
  • Try searching available databases. You can find out more about Keele resources here: nursing and midwiferymedicine
  • Bring any articles that you find with you to the session

This section is for the Keele students participating in the Dissertation Workshops.

Dissertation Preparation

If you are preparing for your dissertation and will be attending either a dissertation workshop or a one to one training session then please complete these activities first:

Start your Plan

Clarify your Question

  • Identify your Question - this tutorial will you to break your question down into its component parts.
  • Using PICO - if you have a patient-based clinical question the PICO tool can help you to identify the key elements that you will need to address.
  • Add your question to your search plan.

Identify Keywords

  • Develop your Search Skills‌ - learn how to identify and combine keywords.
  • Using a Thesaurus - a thesaurus is a valuable tool to help you discover more keywords and locate articles.
  • Add your keywords and thesaurus suggestions to your search plan.

Start your Search

  • What is an Article? - learn how to recognise and find academic articles.
  • Find Articles for Your Project - learn the steps you need to follow to find articles for your projects and dissertation.
  • Find an Article from a Reference - learn how to find the full-text of article, where you have the reference.
  • Using Cinahl - Cinahl is our most used nursing resource; this short etutorial will help you to get started.
  • Start your search using Cinahl. Bring any results to your workshop or training session.

More Help


Academics can discuss with the training team the needs of their class in order for us to deliver a timely and relevant training session; whether it be a Health Library induction, an introduction to library resources or a literature searching session.

All students need to develop their digital capabilities in order to participate in and enjoy a full academic and work experience.

The library suggests that embedding information literacy within the curriculum will help students to appreciate their importance and encourage them to work on these skills as they would their academic skills.

Please contact the training team at the earliest opportunity in order to discuss and book your class session.