Training team

Please check the Training section for information about training opportunities available at the Health Library.

Health Library Training and Information Support Team

For help with training and to book a training session you can contact:  

Rachael Lewis Training and Information Support Librarian     Tel: 01782 679563 

Reana Parkinson Training and Information Support Librarian     Tel: 01782 679583    


NHS Outreach Team

The NHS Outreach Library and Information Service is for NHS staff working in the community in Staffordshire. You can contact: 

Sally Thomas Tel 01782 679564     Email:

Diana Barfield Tel 01782 679564   Email:

Health Library at County (Stafford)

For help getting to grips with any of the NHS resources or finding relevant books/articles, an introduction to library services or support at staff meetings, please book a 1-2-1 session (online or in person) or request a meeting with Debbie Wyatt (County assistant librarian), who will be happy to help:

Debbie Wyatt     Tel: 01785 230638 ext 4638     Email:

For general enquiries:

Tel: 01785 236113 Ext: 2913     Email: