Information skills eTutorials

Developing your information skills is an important aspect of studying and working. These are skills which will help you to identify, find, evaluate and manage the information that you need so that you can effectively and efficiently find the right material for your studies and work.

Check all 12 sections below for videos, presentations, tutorials, infographs or quizzes: 1. what are information skills, 2. how can the health library help, 3. introduction to literature searching, 4. analyse your question, 5. search skills, 6. resources, 7. evaluate, 8. use and 9. communicate information, 10. managing information and current awareness, 11. more training, 12 more help.

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1. What are information skills?

2. How can the library help?

3. Introduction to literature searching

4. Analyse your question

  • Identify your question Learn how to breakdown your question to help to identify the information you need
  • Using PICO Use the PICO tool to develop a clinical question
  • More analysis tools Do you know your SPICE from your PICO? Learn about more tools to help you to analyse your question

5. Search skills

6. Resources

7. Evaluate information

8. Using information

9. Communicating