Tutorial help

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We present online learning opportunities using a variety of tools, interfaces and formats. You will find interactive tutorials, presentations, videos, info-graphics, downloadable documents, quizzes and other multi-media content. Complete our learning opportunities to develop your information skills and find the right information effectively.

We are currently updating our online learning content. Please continue to check back for new and updated content.


We are updating the layout and presentation of our interactive tutorials. You will find a help section within each tutorial. This will give you infomration on audio options and how to navigate the tutorial using buttons and the menu.


Our presentations provide you with the information you need to use our most popular resources. Presentations will often contain link-outs to our website, blog posts or publisher support material and embedded video demonstrations. You can choose the layout to view our presentations - either scroll down/up (usually the default) or switch to a left/right scroll / swipe.


Videos included in our content may be embedded or linked-out. Health Library videos are hosted on our YouTube channel.

Info-graphs / Documents

Some content will be presented as info-graphs or guides. These will often be formatted as either PDF or MS Word documents. Simply download and save to your drive if you wish to keep a copy.