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What we offer

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Dr Ian Stimpson

About our Courses:

  • Outstanding student satisfaction in National Student Surveys
  • An extensive, integrated field course programme, with a range of UK and overseas field courses
  • Flexible degree pathways with vocationally-based option modules
  • An ‘open door’ policy of access to staff members when you need advice or feedback

Field courses:

‌‌Fieldwork is an integral part of Geology at Keele and for many students, the highlight of their degree programme. In previous years our students have undertaken field courses to:

  • Year 3 field course to southern Italy on volcanic processes the Peak District, Pennines, Lake District, North Wales and the Welsh Borders, and the Pembrokeshire coastline (sedimentary and igneous rocks, fossils, structural geology and Earth history)
  • Snowdonia, North Wales (advanced geological mapping skills including techniques in aerial photo interpretation and navigation in mountainous terrain)
  • Almería, southern Spain (geology of the Betic mountain belt and adjoining sedimentary basins) and Utah, USA* (sedimentary and structural geology)
  • Southern Italy (volcanic and magmatic processes)**, Isle of Mull (igneous and metamorphic geology) 

*Single Honours students only;    ** Major route students only

Drilling for oil Careers in Geology:

Our graduates go on to a wide range of different careers including:

  • Geology-related jobs in the hydrocarbon, mining, aggregates, geotechnical and water industries,
  • postgraduate study (either vocational Masters courses, PhDs or postgraduate teacher training)
  • careers in other industries using key transferrable skills (problem solving, report writing, giving presentations, researching and critically evaluating knowledge, working individually and as part of a team)

Where next?

For students interested in continuing with their studies in the area of Geology, Keele offers two postgraduate programmes which are highly relevant to our graduates: