Contact The School of Life Sciences

Please contact us if you need any further assistance or information. Our address is:

School of Life Sciences,
Huxley Building,
Keele University,
United Kingdom.

Tel: (+44) 01782 734414

Huxley Building contacts

Head of School: Professor D Scott

Director of Learning and Teaching: Mr Glenn Hussey

Deputy Director of Learning and Teaching: Dr Sheila Hope

Director of Internationalisation: Dr Mirna Mourtada-Maarabouni

School managers

School Technical Manager: Mr Ian Freeman

Senior School Administrative Manager: Mrs J Norton


Programme Director: Mr David Hulse


Programme Director: Dr David Watson

Biomedical Science

Programme Director: Glenn Hussey (Admissions Tutor)


Programme Director: Dr Michael Evans

Human Biology

Programme Director: Dr Mirna Mourtada (Admissions tutor)

Life Sciences research contacts

Research Centre Lead: Dr Helen Price

PGR co-ordinator: Dr Marcelo Lima

Health and safety

Senior Fire Steward: Mr I Wright

Workplace Safety Adviser (WSA): Mr I Freeman

School Safety and Laser Supervisor: Mr D Simcoe

School Radiation Protection Supervisor: Mr S Holborn

First aiders:
I Freeman
P Griffiths
Dr S Jones
P Procter
Dr P Thomas
D Hulse

Mental Health First Aiders
P Griffiths
P Procter
D Simcoe

Suicide first aiders (ASIST)
R Harrison
P Procter
D Simcoe

Staff Wellbeing Champion
D Simcoe

A full list of School staff is available with details of individual room and telephone numbers, email address, details of research interests and other information.