Keele commemorates periodic table anniversary with illuminating display

Keele’s state-of-the-art new science laboratories provided a fitting backdrop for a unique scientific celebration this week.

To mark the 150th anniversary of the periodic table, which coincided with Chemistry Week, Keele’s new Central Science Laboratories were lit up with a projection of the periodic table, thanks to a display arranged by the Royal Society of Chemistry.

The new building, part of Keele’s £45 million investment in science facilities on campus, made the ideal backdrop for the projection as it provides a cutting-edge facility for students and academics as they pursue their teaching and research across a range of scientific disciplines.

Keele was one of only eleven institutions chosen to host this event in the UK and Ireland.

Professor Mark Ormerod, Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Provost at Keele University, said: "It was great, particularly as a chemist by background, to have welcomed this celebration of the International Year of the Periodic Table to our brand-new science teaching laboratories at Keele University.

“We've seen a tremendous increase in the number of students studying the natural sciences, including chemistry, at Keele in recent years, and these new laboratories provide fabulous state-of-the-art teaching facilities to support this large growth in students studying science and chemistry.”

Professor Mike Watkinson, Head of the School of Chemical and Physical Sciences, said: “This was a great opportunity for us to further enhance the excellent teaching and student experience that the students in the School receive, and for them to further engage with members of the School’s staff through this national celebration of the periodic table and it was fantastic to see so many of our students enjoying the event.”