Keele study in top 100 most read articles

Fogwill_Chris_200x200px Research by Keele academics has been placed in the top 100 most read studies in a prestigious scientific journal.

Out of around 17,000 articles published in Nature Scientific Reports in 2018, a study featuring input by Professor Chris Fogwill - Head of School at Keele’s School of Geography, Geology and Environment - has been placed among the top 100 most read pieces of the year with more than 6,000 views.

The study was led by visiting ILAS Fellow Professor Chris Turney, and provides a potential ‘global signal’ marking the start of a new geological epoch, 'The Anthropocene’.

The article was first published in February 2018, when Professor Turney was working as a visiting professor at Keele’s Institute of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

Professor Chris Fogwill, Head of School at Keele GGE, said: “It is great to see the level of interest in this research paper! The subject of this paper is of interest to a broad swathe of the academic community, but also the interest from the public at large has been quite remarkable. It underlines the value of open access publication through international outlets such as Nature Scientific Reports, and as academics it is crucial to disseminate the findings of our research beyond our disciplines.”