The trees at Keele

We have over 150 species of tree on campus, not counting the 240 species and varieties of Flowering Cherry! Amongst them are many of our common native species as well as some more unusual ones. So, if you can't tell a Beech from a Birch or just want to know a bit more about them then read on!

Redbud Hazel Disanthus cercidifolium

Red-bud Hazel

As the scientific name suggests its leaves look those of a Cercis of which Judas Tree is a member and indeed, that is what we first thought this tree was. That is until we saw the flowers in October! They are quite small; about 1cm across, deep red and rather like a spidery starfish. They look superficially like those of a Witch-hazel Hamamelis and indeed this species is in the Hamamelidaceae. One of its other names is Japanese Red Witch-hazel.

The leaves are heart-shaped and turn a deep red in the autumn. In its native area of Japan, it is a superb sight in the autumn.

Location : one in Barnes Dell,  just to the south of Lake 3, squares P13 and Q14