The Trees at Keele

Parrotiopsis  Parrotiopsis jacquemontiana

Parrotiopsis leaf A rare plant that is native to the western Himalayas, especially in Kashmir. It has flowers that are similar to those of a flowering dogwood with pretty central, yellow flower clusters that are surrounded by striking ivory-white bracts 2 - 3 cm across in spring.

The leaves are alternate, simple, roundish; 2 to 3.5" long; dark green and pubescent; non-showy to yellow in the autumn. It will grow to be a large shrub or eventually a small tree, reaching a height of 2 - 3 m and a spread of 2m in 10 - 15 years.

In its native regions the wood is used for making rope bridges and is also used in basket weaving.

Location : two in the special collection next top the Memorial Garden; square K11; tags 22 and 29..