The trees at Keele

We have over 150 species of tree on campus, not counting the 240 species and varieties of Flowering Cherry! Amongst them are many of our common native species as well as some more unusual ones. So, if you can't tell a Beech from a Birch or just want to know a bit more about them then read on!

Fang's Hornbeam Carpinus fangiana

 Fang's Hornbeam

It is a recent introduction to the UK from SW China. It is named after Fang Wen-Pei (1899-1983), a Chinese botanist and expert on the trees of Sichuan, who first collected this species near Nanchuan Xian, in southeastern Sichuan, near Chongqing. It often grows as a large multi-stemmed shrub but in the right circumstances can reach to 20m. The narrowly oval, double-toothed leaves have prominent veins and are up to 27cm long. They emerge purple-bronze in spring, becoming olive-green. As the tree matures it will produce pale green female , papery catkins up to 50cm long leading to its alternative name of Monkeytail Hornbeam.

Location : one outside the Hornbeam Building; square L7; compartment 41C.