Keele joins scheme to enhance the quality of UK transnational education

Keele University has joined a scheme which aims to enhance and safeguard the quality of the UK’s teaching and learning delivery abroad.

The Quality Evaluation and Enhancement of UK Transnational Higher Education (QE-TNE) scheme is run by the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA) and focuses on the UK’s commitment to uphold and improve the quality of the international delivery of teaching and learning provision.

The scheme, which will launch next month, is open to all UK degree-awarding bodies engaging in transnational education and aims to help participants to enhance the quality of their offering through shared best practice, continuous improvements, and gaining insights into key overseas markets and metrics. The program has been shaped in close consultation with the sector and has been commissioned by Universities UK and GuildHE.

Keele has signed up to the program on a voluntary basis and will operate over the academic years 2021-22 to 2025-26.

Professor Kristyan Spelman Miller, Keele’s Pro Vice-Chancellor Education said: “We welcome the opportunity to be part of this valuable new scheme at a time when, at Keele, we are expanding our global reach through international partnerships. We share a keen interest in high quality transnational education and look forward to the insights into practice and markets which our participation will bring.”

Further information on the QE-TNE scheme can be found on the QE-TNE webpages.