What to do when you have finished your placement

Advice on what to do when you have finished your placement.

Step 1 - Say thanks!

Formally thank your placement / work experience provider. Not only does this create a positive final impression but it also keeps the channels of communication open, whether it be through social media or meeting up for a coffee.

Step 2 - Reflect

It might seem pointless, but it is actually important to do some self-reflection of your placement experience. It is a good idea to write down some notes about what you learnt on the placements and the skills you developed. A good place to start is at Additional opportunities. You can note down which skills you were able to demonstrate and develop while on your placement.

You may also find it useful to formally audit your skills using the skills assessment section of the Internships Toolkit. You can also visit Keele Careers Online and make use of the Pulse Survey before and after you placement to track you progress. 

Step 3 - Update your CV

Now that you have done some reflection and taken notes on which skills you demonstrated on your placement, update your CV accordingly with the skills/attributes and insight you gained or developed. You may find it helpful to draw up an action plan to ensure that you continue your development. Visit Keele Careers Online for tools to build, edit, and review your CV.  

Step 4 - See a Careers Consutlant

Now that you have updated your CV, book an appointment with Careers & Employability so that a careers consultant can review your CV and discuss how you wish to shape and action your career plans.