How to find your own placement

Four simple steps on how to find your own placement.

Step 1 - Locate suitable opportunities

There are many ways to find suitable opportunities. Websites such as and are good for locating opportunities with typically larger organisations. However do not ignore opportunities with smaller organisations as well.

You can also access both CareerHub and the Keele Careers Online jobs baords to find employers offering opportunities. 

Also, bear in mind that many employers do not advertise or take part in formal schemes, and therefore need to be approached on a speculative basis.

Step 2 - Research the employer

Once you have found suitable opportunities (check with your course leader that the opportunity meets their criteria) begin to research the organisation. The obvious starting point is their website but also consider other sources such as company newsletters, annual reports or news articles about them in the local or national press.

Step 3 - Prepare your application

Before you put pen to paper, book an appointment with a careers consultant. A careers consultant can advise you about how to write your application (CV, covering letter and/or application form) specifically for the placement opportunity that interests you.

You can also gain tips about application forms, CVs and covering letters.

Step 4 - Prepare for your interview

Again, seeing a careers consultant is highly recommended in preparation for your interview.

You can also gain tips about interviews and Assessment Centres.