New research centre approved

Posted on 19 January 2015

Profile image for Mihaela Kelemen

The University Research Committee has approved the creation of a new Research Centre. The Centre for Community Animation and Social Innovation is rooted in Keele's tradition of multi and trans-disciplinary research and its commitment to community engagement agenda.

It builds on and extends existing relations with the award-winning New Vic Theatre and promotes Cultural Animation as a methodology of research and community engagement that transcends disciplinary boundaries and advances a type of knowledge which goes beyond the duality of theory and practice and leads to increased human connectivity and a more inclusive and democratic culture of research.

Led by Professor Mihaela Kelemen (KMS), the Centre has the following ambitions: to foster community based research using creative and artistic ways of engagement, learning and research; to build a strong partnership between the University and its wider community, based on equity and inclusiveness; to develop interdisciplinary and creative solutions to complex issues based on the recognition that creativity is an equal partner in the scientific pursuit; to improve and expand the co-production of knowledge in order to facilitate social innovation and bring about democratic changes in our society; and to build capacity for community-centered solutions to local and global issues.

Colleagues interested in community based research and knowledge co-creation methodologies are invited to its launch on 16 March (1-5pm: more details to follow shortly). A further international submit will take place on 14-15 October.