Apps specially developed within the School of Pharmacy

Manage Your Health App

A free app for Android and Apple smartphones and tablets for managing your long-term health conditions.

  • Information prepared by Stoke-on-Trent Clinical Commissioning Group and developed by the School of Pharmacy at Keele University to help manage long-term conditions
  • Uses computer-generated characters to demonstrate key points, such as effective inhaler technique
  • Answers commonly asked questions set by patients and answered by our clinical group
  • Provides interactive activities and quizzes to test your knowledge

Manage Your Health App


*EpidermisAR is an Augmented Reality app designed for use on the Masters of Pharmacy (MPharm) and BSc in Pharmaceutical Science, Technology and Business courses at Keele University. It detects images printed on labels (supplied free of charge to our students) to display a 3D model of human skin, with a focus on the stratum corneum and the routes which drugs may take when diffusing across the skin. This app may be used as part of the educational programme we offer our students.*

*Search for ‘EpidermisAR’ on your app store to download this app and print this target to see for yourself. The target can be printed at different sizes if you'd like to place it on the back of your hand to see the full effect.*




Pharma Compounds

This app has been designed to be used as a learning tool for As Level Chemistry and Biology students for use in a research Keele University research project that aims to evaluate the effectiveness of Augmented Reality in science education.

The app works with a set of printed playing cards that are available to Chemistry and Biology students at the Keele University School of Pharmacy website.

By scanning each card, information about each topic will appear as well as a 3D model for reference. Certain cards become interactive when brought close together. For information on which cards have additional functions scan the cards and read the associated descriptions.

This app has been designed to form part of our revision tools for our students on our Masters in Pharmacy course and BSc in Pharmaceutical Science, Technology and Business as well as Biology and Chemistry 6th form courses. For further information about these courses and the School of Pharmacy, please contact us at or visit

You can download a set of target images here.

Pharma Compounds (4,694 KB)

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