Key Facts

Course Title: Medical Science (Leadership and Management)
Course type: Postgraduate Certificate Postgraduate Diploma MMedSci
Mode of Study:Part Time
Contact Details:Sophie Gibbons - 01782 734933
Website: Go to School homepage
Faculty: Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences
Subject Area: Medicine


Welcome to our Leadership and Management Programme which is aimed for all healthcare professionals.  For those in clinical practice, an appreciation of leadership and management skills in the healthcare setting is increasingly important. This part-time postgraduate certificate is focused on developing the knowledge, skills and values which will enable you to practice more confidently and to become an effective clinical leader. The three modules of the certificate have been designed specifically to enable you to think creatively and to challenge how healthcare services are currently delivered.

Modules 1 and 3 utilise a mix of teaching methods, including face to face lectures, small group discussion, case studies and on-line learning through the Keele Learning Environment (KLE).

Module 2 is an independent, practice based study, conducted in your own work environment and supported by a trust-based supervisor. We encourage our students to consider publication of their findings if appropriate.

Aims of the Course

Good and effective leadership in healthcare practice makes a very positive difference to improving patient care.

By the end of the programme, you will:

  • understand how organisations work and the challenges involved in leading and managing busy clinicians and establishing effective team working in order to deliver high quality care and bring about change as required
  • be better informed about current and prevailing national health policy and how they work in practice
  • understand how the NHS is funded and the key issues around commissioning arrangements and how care needs to be organised and delivered
  • have acquired a range of leadership and management skills and have the confidence to apply these concepts in practice by engaging and empowering others
  • have had the opportunity to study in depth an element of effective leadership in healthcare practice

Entry Requirements

You will need to be a healthcare professional in active practice or in a healthcare leadership role to apply for this award.

Course Content

The three modules, over a minimum of one year, as follows:


Module 1: Leadership and Management for Healthcare Professionals (15 credits)

This module will provide the foundation to the award; within it, we will explore both the theoretical background to leadership and management and the practical skills which you will require to be an effective leader in the present, challenging, healthcare environment. You will leave with greater insight into your own leadership style and impact on others, together with a deeper understanding of how the new commissioning arrangements will affect your service.


Module 2: Independent Practice Based Study (30 credits)

This module is a portfolio assessment of a workplace based project. You will negotiate with a personal tutor to draw up a personalised action plan and a programme of activity to design, carry out and evaluate a leadership project with direct impact on service redesign or patient care in your workplace.


Module 3: A choice of one of the following options (subject to availability):-

Leadership for Patient Safety (15 credits)

Medical Education (15 credits)

Following the Money: Finance in the National Health Service (15 credits)

Evidence Based Medicine (15 credits)

Clinical Audit (15 credits)

Contemporary Challenges in Healthcare Ethics and Law (15 credits)


Course content is for guidance purposes only and may be subject to change.

Teaching and Assessment

Various forms of assessment will be used including written assignments, observation and reflection on teaching practice, case based discussions, personal portfolios and a project report.  

Additional Costs

Apart from additional costs for text books, inter-library loans and potential overdue library fines we do not anticipate any additional costs for this postgraduate programme.