Owl and Otter unit

What goes on in the Owl and Otter Room

36-60 months approximately

  • Maximum 48 Children,
  • Room area – 111.10m Sq
  • Child ratio – 1 staff to 8 children
  • Senior room leader - Rachel
  • Room Leaders - Claire , Gemma. 
  • Room staff –  Emma , Ellie ,  Hollie 
  • Tapestry. Online learning journey; allows parents to receive child observations as they happen. 
  • Under floor heating.
  • Drag through ventilation (non mechanical air conditioning).
  • Separate milk kitchen with fridges.
  • Separate nappy changing room and Toilets.
  • Individual shelves/baskets for childrens nappies, creams etc.
  • Floor to ceiling windows and Patio doors.
  • Private yard with raised flower beds for seeding/Digging, Permanent outdoor sand trays.
  • Gate to the soft playground with climbing wall, musical instruments, water playand observation tower. 
  • Total Free flow.
  • Over door heaters to keep rooms at temperature during free flow.
  • Individual drawers for childrens work/belongings.
  • Separate toy store, allows for toys to be rotated often.
  • Home corner and dressing up area.
  • Double glass doors to divide the rooms. 
  • Meals are taken in both rooms.
  • Transition window through to Badger room.
  • Chatter trackers, Noise control traffic lights.
  • IT : 2 fixed computers plus tablets and access to the interactive whiteboard, Timmy Tablet ( Table size tablet). 

In the Owl and Otter pre-school unit we promote independance to prepare children for school. We have zones for areas of play with limited numbers of children allowed in each area to promote maths skillls and a phonics table where children are encouraged to bring items in that start with the "Letter of the week" to help with literacy, we have termly themes and planning is related to childrens interests. All of the learning environment is linked to EYFS.

Owl and Otter Rooms daily routine (35 KB)

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