I`m really worried that my child won`t settle, can I stay with him/her for a while?

Yes, no problem. More information on how we help your child to settle in with the Nursery can be found in our Settling-In Policy.

What is the staff to children ratio?

It depends on your child's age group:

  • Rabbit room: 12 weeks to 12 months,  staff ratio 1:3
  • Dormouse room: 12 - 15 months , staff ratio 1:3
  • Robin room: 15 - 18 months, staff ratio 1:3
  • Hedgehog room: 18 - 24 months, Staff ratio 1:3
  • Fox room: 2- 2.5 years, staff ratio 1:4
  • Badger room: 2.5 - 3 years, staff ratio 1:4
  • Owl & Otter unit: 3 years to school age, staff ratio 1:8
  • Klub House: 0ver 4 years 1:8
Do you have any further activities or classes to help further the development of my child?

 Yes, at the moment we have Rhythm time on Thursdays for toddlers and pre-school children and Piano lessons by Tatyana Iskandarova on Fridays  for pre-school children. They are held in Butterfly Room.

What are the meals like?

New and exciting menus are carefully planned and prepared for our children by Keele’s award-winning chefs. Delivered fresh to the Nursery each day from the Keele Hall kitchen, our meals aim to develop children’s taste buds offering a balanced diet and a range of food which is low in salt, to suit a wide range of tastes, cultures and dietary requirements. All served to look appealing on the plate as soon as those eager little hands are washed!

You can have a look at our Nursery menu, and a sample Klub House menu for more details.

How will my child be safe and secure at Keele Day Nursery?

The first thought on every parent’s mind when choosing a trusted early years environment for their child is often ‘safety and security’.

Whilst Keele University Day Nursery fosters the need for children to play freely and to enjoy and explore their surroundings, the health, safety and welfare of our children are of paramount importance to all the staff here.

Every member of staff has a clear understanding of the policies and procedures in place for the effective safeguarding of all our children such as, no staff access to mobile phones permitted in the nursery, stringent staffing ratios at all times, fire safety, first aid and the signing in and out of all children throughout the day.  We also engage our children in activities surrounding topics such as road safety, fire evacuation and ‘stranger danger’.

Our nursery staff are fully qualified and experienced in their profession, they are all DBS approved and have a shared vision with management and parents on the quality of the early years provision they deliver.  They develop warm and caring relationships with the children ensuring that they meet the individual needs of every child and are committed to making sure that each child in their care feels happy and part of a trusted community.

My Work place operates a childcare voucher scheme can I use those at Keele Day Nursery?

Yes of course, we accept all major childcare voucher schemes. The University runs a staff nursery scheme. Eligibility for the scheme is dependent on the individual staff's circumstances and requirements. Please contact Christina Duncalf in the Finance & IT directorate (tel. 01782 734322) for further information on this. 

Are your staff qualified?

All of our staff are fully qualified to a minimum of level 3, many of our staff are mums too so they fully understand what quality care, love and safety you would wish for you child! We do have Apprentices and Students but these are not counted in our ratio.  We have some more information about our staff on Our Rooms pages, to help you understand what we are all about.