I completed my undergraduate degree in Psychology at The University of Glasgow, and then took a focus on research methods as I went forward with my MRes in Psychology at Manchester University. I am now a PhD student at Keele University, under the supervision of Dr Peter Yeates. Here, I will be investigating assessor variability in medical education, and the potential use of benchmarking videos within OSCE examinations to address the issue of assessor variability.

Research and scholarship

Psychology MA, University of Glasgow
The Facilitation of Visual Perception through Auditory Stimulation and the Effect of Musicianship (Dissertation)

Psychology MRes, University of Manchester
The Long-term Impact of In-Utero Exposure to Valproate on Executive Functioning (Dissertation)

PhD Candidate – Medical Education, Keele University
School Of Primary, Community and Social Care
Supervisors: Dr. P Yeates, Dr. J Lefroy, Prof. R McKinley
Addressing OSCE Examiner Variability: A Video-Based Benchmarking Approach

School of Medicine
David Weatherall building
University Road
Keele University