Maggie is an experienced therapist and counsellor trainer. As well as counselling in a GP practice, Student Services and NHS, she has been involved with a local CRUSE branch in a project to offer play therapy to bereaved children. Before coming to Keele as Director of Counselling Psychology, she was Director of the Centre for Studies in Counselling (CESCO) at the University of Durham. Her research interests are wide ranging and include the role of counselling in other cultures, the process of bereavement in childhood, evaluating the usefulness of counselling provisions and play and play therapy. She enjoys sailing and spending time with her family and friends. She took partially early retirement in September 2013 and still enjoys her one day a week involvement at Keele as a Senior Teaching Fellow.

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Research Students

  • Su Chen Hung PhD 'The Process of Recovery From Childhood Sexual Abuse from Childhood Sexual Abuse for Female Survivors in Taiwan' Awarded March 2001, University of Durham (no corrections)
  • Mary Beth Primmer PhD 'Sense of Self in the Conduct of Research in Counselling' Awarded December 2002, University of Durham 
  • Sue Pattison 'Young People with Learning Disabilities: An Investigation of Counselling and Inclusion' Awarded January 2004, University of Durham
  • Kathy Hunt 'An Exploration of the Experience of Loss and its Relationship to Counselling Practice' Awarded December 2006, University of Durham
  • Anne Burdess 'Counselling and Dissociative Identity Disorder' Awarded December 2006, University of Durham (Changed supervisor in January 2005 due to my move to Keele)
  • Fletcher Phiri PhD ‘The impact of an HIV/AIDS education intervention programme in primary schools in Malawi’: Awarded October 2009, University of Keele
  • Adam Bourne: PhD: ‘Making sense of risk in the context of sexual behaviour: an interpretative phenomenological analysis’ Awarded June 2010, University of Keele
  • Lois De Cruz ‘Women’s perceptions of their experience of miscarriage decades after the event.’ Awarded March 2016, University of Keele
  • Stephen Ferris 'A heuristic exploration of loneliness'. Began January 2014, Awarded September 2018 (No corrections). University of Keele
  • Angela Blanchard 'An exploration of childhood emotional neglect'. Began January 2014. Awarded Summer 2019. University of Keele

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