I joined the School of Medicine in the spring of 2017 after receiving my PhD in Anthropology from Brunel University. Trained as a medical anthropologist, I currently teach medical sociology and medical anthropology to undergraduate medical students. My doctoral research focused on social, cultural and political aspects of tubal ligation (female sterilisation) in government-organised sterilisation camps in rural Udaipur, Rajasthan, India. I investigated how the practice of female sterilisation fits within wider processes constructing everyday multiple patriarchies and making poor adivasi women’s bodies available for a biomedical intervention.

Research and scholarship

My research interests focus on the relationship between reproduction, health, social inequalities and the state in rural north India. Between 2011 and 2013, I conducted ethnographic fieldwork in a mixed-caste village in Rajasthan on the increasing medicalisation of poor women’s reproductive lives. During fieldwork, I conducted participant observation in two healthcare settings – a rural maternity ward and regularly organised sterilisation camps. By investigating the intricate relationship between the state, discourses of development, biomedicine and poor women’s bodies in clinical spaces, I explored how women’s desires to end childbearing and the choice of a surgical intervention fit within wider ideas surrounding gendered bodies, ideal families, local articulations of power and structural violence of poverty and caste.

Research interests:

Medical anthropology
The politics of reproduction
Women, health and development
Maternal and reproductive health
Structural violence and health
Anthropology of biomedicine
Hospital ethnography


I teach the sociology of health and illness, medical anthropology and global health to the undergraduate medical students at the School of Medicine.

Further information

I am a co-lead for Year 2 SSC: Community Placements, an academic lead for the ‘Lifestyle’ unit and an Experiential Learning lead.

I am also an academic lead for Ethnography Methods X stream of North West Social Science Doctoral Training Partnerships (NWSSDTP) for 2019/20. If you are a PhD student based at one of NWSSDTP institutions and work with ethnographic research methods and you would like to attend the Ethnography stream event on 31st January 2020, please register before 15th January here:

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