The Vice-Chancellor

Professor Trevor McMillan

Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Provost and the Pro Vice-Chancellors and the Deans (including the Chairs of the Boards of Studies and Faculties)

Professor Mark Ormerod (Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Provost)

(Pro Vice-Chancellor Education)

(Pro Vice-Chancellor Research and Enterprise)

Professor Pauline Walsh (Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences and Pro Vice-Chancellor)

Professor Shane O’Neill (Dean of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences and Pro Vice-Chancellor) (Advancement in Global Engagement)

Professor Jonathan Wastling (Dean of the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Pro Vice-Chancellor)

Academic Registrar 

Ms Victoria Macfarlane                        


Mr Daniel Perry

Heads of Departments and Schools

Academic Schools:

School of Humanities

Dr Nick Seager

Keele Business School

Professor Elaine Ferneley

School of Law

Professor Alison Brammer

School of Social, Political and Global Studies

Professor Robert Ladrech

School of Allied Health Professionals

Ms Anne O’Brien

School of Medicine

Professor Christian Mallen

School of Nursing and Midwifery

Dr Julie Green

School of Pharmacy and Bioengineering

Dr Katie Maddock

School of Chemical and Physical Sciences

Professor Mike Watkinson

School of Computing and Mathematics

Professor Peter Andras

School of Geography Geology and Environment

Professor Christopher Fogwill

School of Life Sciences

Professor Dawn Scott

School of Psychology

Professor Abigail Locke

Harper and Keele Veterinary School

Dr Matthew Jones

Deans of Research

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Professor Derek McGhee

Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences

Professor Nick Forsyth

Faculty of Natural Sciences

Professor Clifford Stott

Deans of Education

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences 

Dr Tim Lustig

Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences

Dr Heidi Fuller       

Faculty of Natural Sciences 

Dr Katie Szkornik  

Keele Institute for Innovation and Teaching Excellence

Dr Rafe Hallet

Members of the Electoral Roll elected by the Electoral Roll

Elected by the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Dr Shalini Sharma (History)


Dr Rebecca Richards (International Relations)


Dr Samantha Weston (Criminology)


Mrs Catherine Edwards (Law)


Dr Mariangela Palladino (Humanities)


Dr Xuebing (Jack) Cao (KBS)


Dr Laura Pritchard-Jones (Law)


Elected by the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences

Dr Clare Jinks (Primary, Community and Social Care)


Mrs Yvonne Flood (Nursing & Midwifery)


Dr Lisa Dikomitis (Medicine)


Dr Audrey Skidmore (Medicine)


Dr Abigail Rutter (Pharmacy & Biomedical Engineering)


Professor Athula Sumathipala (Primary, Community and Social Care)


Dr Emma Healey (Primary, Community and Social Care)


Mrs Catherine Hill (School of Nursing & Midwifery)


Elected by the Faculty of Natural Sciences

Dr Masi Noor (Psychology) 2019-2022
Dr David Mazzocchi-Jones (Life Sciences) 2019-2022
Dr Laura Hibberts (Foundation Year) 2019-2022
Dr Adam Stanton (Computing & Maths) 2019-2022
Dr Jacco van Loon (Chemical & Physical Sciences) 2020-2023
Dr Glenn Hussey (Life Sciences) 2020-2023
Dr Deirdre McKay (Geography, Geology and the Environment) 2020-2023
Dr Anja Winter (Chemical & Physical Sciences) 2020-2023

Student Representatives: Elected Officers


Mr Jack Karimi Union Development and Democracy Officer


Ms Mari Chappell Education Officer


Mr Miles Venvil Welfare and Internationalisation Officer


Mr Leroy Cohoone  Activities and Community Officer


Ms Holly Brooks Athletic Union and Sport Officer


Keele Postgradute Association

Ms Katie Charlton President 2020-2021
Ms Elisia Narbett Vice-President 2020-2021

In-Attendance at Senate      

Chief Operating Officer: Mark Bacon

Director of Foundation Year: Simon Rimmington

Head of Academic Quality and Student Conduct: Dorothea Ross-Simpson