Welcome to the MobileEngaged project

The project has been funded by the Road Safety Trust and is dedicated to the challenge posed by mobile phone use by drivers.  It runs from January 2018 to March 2019.

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The Project

The MobileEngaged project involves:

  • collating, enhancing, and sharing approaches from around the UK that seek to address the issue of mobile phone use whilst driving (both legal hands-free and illegal hand-held use);
  • a knowledge exchange methodology whereby innovators are brought together with academic experts to increase the potential for research-informed innovation in the field;
  • collating the information collected into a compendium of innovations for use by the road safety and roads policing community.

Project Aims

The project will:

  • conduct a ‘stock take’ of the range of innovations currently operating in the UK and abroad which have the reduction of mobile phone use by drivers at their heart
  • engage with as many of the innovators driving these interventions as possible and to blend our academic experience with their practitioner expertise to create projects that are effective, and can demonstrate their effectiveness
  • bring together examples of notable practice in this area into a compendium of innovation that can act as a resource for anyone interested in tackling this problem
  • facilitate a network of engaged innovators that will exist beyond the life of the project

Meet the team

The MobileEngaged project is being run by Dr Helen Wells (Senior Lecturer in Criminology at Keele) and Ms Leanne Savigar (PhD student in Criminology at Keele). The project team has a wealth of experience in researching roads policing challenges.

Dr Wells is a specialist criminological researcher in the area of roads policing, and has published many books and journal articles in the area, as well as a number of research reports.  Find out more about Dr Wells via her staff profile.

Ms Savigar is shortly to submit her doctoral thesis in the area of road safety, and mobile phone use while driving more specifically.

Get engaged with driving change

You can become part of the MobileEngaged project in various ways.

  • If you are an innovator in this area, we would like to hear about your work. You can complete this short survey: www.smartsurvey.co.uk/s/5YNQ2


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