Taser use and its association with social, ethnic and racial disparities in policing (TASERD)

The research project was initiated by the National Police Chiefs’ Council and commissioned by the College of Policing, after their Officer and Staff Safety Review (OSSR) in 2019 found there was growing evidence to suggest that Tasers were being used disproportionately in society. It was carried out by researchers from Keele University, UCL, The University of Exeter and Staffordshire University.



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If you would like to know more about the project or would like to be involved, then please contact us. We welcome enquiries and are particularly keen to hear from people who have been affected by police use of Taser.  Please get in touch by emailing the Keele Policing Academic Collaboration Centre Manager Deborah Tallent; d.j.tallent@keele.ac.uk.