Funded projects

The KPAC project is supporting a range of related projects, some of which are detailed below.

Current grants

  • UKRI Ideas to Address COVID-19 grant call. Facilitating the public response to COVID-19 by harnessing group processes. £715,738.00 (FEC) Professor Clifford Stott, Co-Investigator | 2020-2022.
  • ESRC Open Call (ES/T007249/1) Perceived threats and 'stampedes': a relational model of collective fear responses. £991,792.72 (FEC) Professor Clifford Stott, Co-Investigator | 2020-2023
  • The English Football League (EFL) Enabling an evidence-based approach to safety and security in football (ENABLE). £200,000.00. Professor Clifford Stott, Principal Investigator | September 2019-2021. The Guardian link
  • ESRC Open Call (ES/R011397/1) From coercion to consent: social identity, legitimacy, and a process model of police procedural justice (CONSIL). £964,029.00 (FEC) Professor Clifford Stott, Principal Investigator | 2018-2021.
  • ESRC Large Grant (ES/V00283X/1) Investigating New Types of Engagement, Response And Contact Technology (INTERACT). £876,142. Dr Helen Wells, Co-Investigator. | September 2021-2024.

Previous grants

  • EPSRC. RCUK PER Catalysts. EP/R019908/1. Co-Production and Creativity: ethos, typologies and innovation in public engagement practice. (SEEK-PER) £ 99,787.00. Co-Investigator | 2017-2019
  • UKIERI UGC Thematic Partnership. Social Identity, Well Being and Civic Participation among Social and Ethnic Groups in India. Co-Investigator. Value to Keele £107,979.00. Co-Investigator | 2017-2020.
  • ESRC Open Call ES/N01068X/1. Beyond Contagion: Social identity processes in involuntary social influences. £923,134.50 (FEC) Co-Investigator | 2016-2019