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Logo of 2 students one with question marks around her head talking to a Keele mentor Having a Keele Mentor is a fantastic way to aid your transition into Keele. Coming to University is a life changing experience. Even if you feel relatively comfortable about starting university, you may still want to have a point of contact and someone who you can ask questions before you arrive.

Having a Mentor is a great way of finding out more about studying at Keele from a current student who has been in the same position as you. 

To find out more about having a Keele Mentor please read the information below.

Who will my mentor be?

Your Keele Mentor will be a current student at Keele. We aim to match you with a mentor who is on a similar course to you, or who is from a similar background.

How can my mentor help me?

Your mentor will be able to share with you their experiences and tips to help you to get the best out of your time at Keele. You can ask them any questions you may have about life at Keele. Whether it's what to bring with you, information about your course or life on campus - no question is too big or too small! 

Your mentor is not able to help you with your course work or assessments, however they can give tips and advice about study skills and where to go for further support if you need it.

How can I contact my mentor?

Once we have received your online request to 'Get a Mentor' we will match you as soon as possible to a Keele Mentor who will contact you via email to introduce themselves. Initial contact will take place via email so please ensure you check your Keele e-mail account to check if your mentor has been in touch. Following this intial contact with your mentor it is completely up to you how you wish to contact each other. Some of our mentors and mentees swap phone numbers or add each other on social media sites in order to continue contact. 

Will I get to meet my mentor?

Yes, during your first week at Keele we will arrange a Keele Mentors Match Up Event which will allow you to meet up with your mentor and other people taking part in the scheme. You will be contacted by the Keele Mentors Team prior to the event to let you know the details of when and where it is taking place. 

However, if you and your mentor wish to arrange a time to meet up prior to this event or continue to meet up after the event then you can contact your mentor to arrange this. 

What if I no longer need my mentor?

If you feel that you no longer need your mentor and they have answered all of your questions then we ask that you contact your mentor directly to let them know you no longer need their help. Just remember that if you ever do feel like you need any help from your mentor again all you need to do is get in touch with them. 

Keele Mentors Sign Up

The sign up form for Keele Mentors is now closed. However, if you feel that you require the support of a mentor please get in touch with us at