Nova Centre aids business growth

A creative agency based at Keele University Science and Innovation Park (KUSIP) is already reaping the benefits of a bespoke business growth programme, less than a year after locating to the site.

More Than Just Design moved into the Park’s Nova Centre in August 2015.  Set up by KUSIP to offer affordable rent with a two-year programme of tailored advice on a wide range of topics, the Nova Centre aims to provide fledging start-up businesses with the knowledge and skills needed for their sustainable growth.

Since opening in 2012, the Nova Centre has successfully nurtured 13 innovative fledgling enterprises in varying industries, as well as providing hot-desking facilities for more than 20 additional start-up businesses. 

“We moved into the Nova Centre in August 2015 after previously operating from home,” said Dave Purkiss, Director at More Than Just Design.  “However, even though we’ve only been here for around 10 months, we’ve already been able to expand the team and have now moved into a larger office within the Centre.  This move will allow us to accommodate further growth within our team, such as the additional Graphic Designer that we are looking to recruit to join us in this great environment.

“Locating here has been brilliant for us.  The Keele University address provides instant respect and prestige, whilst the support and networking opportunities available have been extremely beneficial.  Being in the Nova Centre takes away some of the usual pressures that enterprises like ours face, allowing us to focus on developing and growing our business. 

“In short, the Nova Centre and Keele University in general is a great place for new businesses to be.”

Lucy Delaney, Business Development Manager at Keele University, said: “It’s great to see so many businesses grow and develop during their two-year stay with us in the Nova Centre.  Their success means that more jobs are being created and retained locally and their need for larger offices means that fresh opportunities are being created for more small businesses to use the facilities here.

“Our support programme for businesses locating in the Nova Centre covers the full two years of their time with us.  This ranges from advice on topics such as marketing, HR and finance through to helping them find new accommodation once their tenancy comes to an end.

“We are very proud of the support that we can offer to businesses of all sizes here at the Science and Innovation Park, but the services provided in the Nova Centre to new enterprises really do make a positive difference to both their initial and ongoing success.”