Species and varieties in the National Collection of Flowering Cherries at

Keele University

Prunus 'Snow Goose'

[Syn: P. subhirtella ‘Snow Goose’; P. serrulata ‘Snow Goose’; P. ummeko ‘Snow Goose’].

Prunus 'Snow Goose'

Prunus 'Snow Goose' tree Raised by Doorenbes in Holland (Jacobsen 1976); apparently a hybrid between P. speciosa [Syn: P. serrula v. speciosa] and P. incisa.  It is similar to Yoshino Cherry.

Quite a small narrow upright tree, not spreading with age, 5 - 6 m high and 3 m across. Smooth grey-brown-reddish bark.

Flowers in early April - very large single white blooms whose centres go red with age. Blossom appears before the leaves. Fruits are inconspicuous blue-black cherries.

Leaves unfurl green not bronze. Leaves alternate, simple, ovate. Show good autumn colour, yellow to red.


  • One by The Covert; compartment 67; square I6; tag 4059. Planted in 2008.