Species and varieties in the National Collection of Flowering Cherries at

Keele University

Prunus 'Pandora'

Prunus 'Pandora'

Prunus 'Pandora'

Prunus 'Pandora' Hybrid between Prunus spachiana f. ascendens and Prunus x yedoensis raised by Waterer Sons and Crisp of Bagshot prior to 1939.

The deep pink buds open from late March through to April to produce profuse white flowers 30-50mm across with a pink flush to the edges of the petals. The leaves are bright green with a reddish yellow autumnal colour while the bark is dark shiny brown. It has an upright habit making it suitable for small gardens. It can grow to 7m with a spread of 4m.

RHS Award of Garden Merit 1993, reconfirmed 2012.


  • One specimen alongside the ringroad; Compartment 58b; Square N5; Tag 4150. Planted in 2002.
  • One by Chancellor's Building; Compartment 49B; Square M6; Tag 4183. Donated by the Community Schools Open Day and planted in 1998.