Species and varieties in the National Collection of Flowering Cherries at

Keele University

Prunus litigiosa Tassled Cherry

Prunus litigiosa

Prunus litigiosa A splendid small, somewhat fastigiate tree up to 15m high with small white flowers appearing in drooping clusters with the unfolding leaves in April and with attractive autumn tints.

First discovered in Hupeh, Central China by Augustine Henry but introduced in 1907 by E.H. Wilson as Prunus pilosiuscula, to which it is closely related. It is a very free-flowering tree of unusual appearance, with its many white long-stemmed flowers hanging on pendulous stalks along branches, hence its common name - Tassel Cherry.


  • One specimen between the Walter Moberly Hall and Tawney Building on Cherry Tree Walk; Compartment 42b; Square L7; Tag 4001. Planted in 2002.