Species and varieties in the National Collection of Flowering Cherries at

Keele University

Prunus 'Kiku-zakura' (Sato-zakura Group)

Syn. [Kiku-zakura; P. serrulata f. chrysanthemoides Miyoshi; P. lannesiana ‘Chrysanthemoides’.]


Prunus 'Kiku-zakura'

‘Kiku-zakura’ means ‘chrysanthemum cherry’. In old Japan it is a general term used for multi-petalled flowers but there is one clearly defined clonal cultivar ‘Kiku-zakura’.

Ingram and Chadbund found it not vigorous - slow and stubborn - flowers a congested ball-like mass of petals - very chrysanthemum like resembling floral balls. Correct soil is critical - rich loamy soil.

Originated as a tree in the courtyard of the former Sixth High School, Okayama so sometimes called ‘Rokko-giku’ (Six-High-chrysanthemum). It is a vigorous tree to 6 m high.

It has clusters of 3-5 flowers, buds dark red (RHS 53-B,D) opening to purplish pink (RHS 64-D) then fading to pink (RHS 65-B), 3-4 cm dia., 70-180 petals. Flowering season late April in Tokyo.

Young foliage is green (RHS 146-A), opening before the flowers. Pale underside to leaves.


  • One opposite Lindsay T Block; compartment 33B; square K9; tag 4033. Planted in 2008.