Species and varieties in the National Collection of Flowering Cherries at

Keele University

Prunus 'Botan-zakura' (Sato-zakura Group)

[Syn. P. serrulata ‘Mouton’; P. serrulata f. moutan Miyoshi 1916; P. lannesiana f. botan-zakura Wilson]

Prunus 'Botan-zakura'  

Introduced to the West in 1937, but first recorded in Japan in 1695.

An umbrella-shaped tree to 5 m high. Flowers white when open with a faintly pink margin after buds which are white to pale flush pink. Flowers are c. 4.5 cm dia. With 10 - 14 petals in pendulous clusters of 2 - 4 flowers. Petals are deeply indented. Flowering period is mid April.

Young foliage is light green (RHS 152-A) with a bronze cast. Mature leaves are large.


  • One by The Covert; compartment 67; square I6; tag 4061. Planted in 2008.