Hawthorns Farewell Lottery and Auction

As a final celebration and farewell to Hawthorns we managed to save a collection of Hawthorns signage which our alumni were able get their hands on.

We split the memorabilia into two lots and put some in to an auction and the rest into a lottery, so it was open to all alumni to have a go.

As a fitting tribute to Hawthorns, all proceeds from the lottery and auction are going to Accommodation Bursaries at Keele, to support students who otherwise might struggle to live on campus. 

Available signage included block signs, site maps and house numbers, and the inventories are available below.  Each sign was available separately so a bid or lottery ticket applied to only one sign per entry.

Auction and lottery winners

Auction winners

Item Winner
Large A Block  Anonymous
Small A Block Edwin Kilby
Large B Block Amanda Knowles
Small B Block Jennifer Parks
Large C Block Elizabeth Whittaker
Small C Block Chris Smith
Large D Block  Chidubem Iwobi
Small D Block Tom Reynolds
Large E Block Anonymous
Small E Block Joseph Robinson
Large F Block Brian Hewitt
Small F Block Samuel Mall
Large G Block Steve Halstead
Small G Block Matthew Charlton
Large H Block Jeevan Sandher
Small H Block Caroline Aulton
Large J Block Luke Wilcox
Small J Block Heather Brice
Large K Block  Adam Nash
Small K Block Ceinwen Tilley
Large L Block Jennifer Ellis
Small L Block Chris Smith
Large M Block Sam Chicken
Small M Block James Hammerton
Small N Block Connor Spicer
Small O Block Amanda Summers
Small P Block Caroline Needham
Small R Block Andrew Lord
Small S Block Chris Smith
Large T Block Mike Elsmore
Large V Block Louise Willingham
Large W Block Ceinwen Tilley
Large Y Block Amy Jones
Large Z Block  Dave Andrews
House 1  Russell Thomas
House 2 H D Murray
House 6 H D Murray
Flat A Elizabeth Whittaker
Flat C H D Murray
Flat E H D Murray
Flat G Matthew Charlton
Flat J H D Murray
Flat L H D Murray
Templar House Anthony Sharp
Templar Bar Julie Marsh 
Hawthorns The Pod Steven Alder
CCTV Richard Hayler
Site Map (1) Dr David Thompson
Site Map (2) Bryony Wood
Hawthorns General Block Paul Clark
Hawthorns Sign (1) Alyson Bird
Hawthorns Sign (2) Damian Symons
Hawthorns Bar Alyson Bird


Lottery winners

Site Map Jane Lowe
Hawthorns Sign Jamie Girvin
Small A Block Anonymous
Small B Block John Paul Hardy
Small C Block Mark Watson
Small D Block Ruth Hobbs
Small E Block Karl Puzzar
Small F Block Jenna Watson
Small G Block Kate Maddock
Small H Block Nicola Gebbels
Small J Block Steve Clipstone
Small K Block Joanne Blannin
Small L Block Michael Powell
Small M Block Toby Hancock
CCTV Sign Anthony Wright

Photos from our winning entrants


If you were successful in either the auction or lottery, why not send us a picture of your signage in its new home at alumni.hq@keele.ac.uk.

The Hawthorns auction and lottery have now closed

The deadline for entries to be received for both the auction and the lottery was 12noon, Tuesday 6 February 2018.


Successful auction bidders / lottery winners

Successful auction bidders and lottery winners will be able to collect their item(s) from Keele University and details will be provided once the auction and lottery ends.  Alternatively, items can be posted via recorded delivery at an additional cost.  For further information, please contact Alumni HQ using the details below.

Terms and conditions

Before placing a bid or entering the lottery, it is very important that you read the full terms and conditions.  If you enter the auction or lottery we will assume that you have read these terms and conditions:


We expect you may have a few questions and we have tried to answer them in the FAQs below, but if you still have a question please email alumni.hq@keele.ac.uk or ring 01782 733587.